Avalanche equipment rent

Pieps set full

Price of rent of avalanche equipment:


Avalanche equipment set:

Transciever - Pieps DSP Sport
Shovel - Pieps Shovel T500
Probe - Pieps Probe Alluminum 220cm

Cost of 1 day rent - 200 UAH


Transciever - Pieps DSP Sport

Cost of 1 day rent - 180 UAH



Rental conditions for Avalanche equipment:

1. The avalanche equipment possible to rent exclusively to the Dragobrat Ratrak Freeriding clients.

2. Guests of Hotel Yuliana not needed pledge.

3. All other equipment is rented out only on the pledge of 6000 UAH. In addition to cash collateral, we can consider the following documents: driver's license, vehicle passport, passport for traveling abroad. A minimum of TWO STATED DOCUMENTS, or one document + a cash supplement of 4000 UAH is accepted for one set of equipment as pledge.

4. The equipment must be returned to the rental office after the end snowcat tour.


Rental from 01.12 to 31.03 working hours from 9.00 to 18.00 every day.

For rental equipment, contact the instructors-guides or directly to the rental office, which is located on the front side of the hotel Yuliana.

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