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Not everyone likes to roast in the hot summer sun on the beach. If this holiday is not for you, the hotel Juliana Dragobrat - a great option for active and, most importantly, inexpensive summer vacation.

Dragobrat is a resort with special, unique climatic conditions, built by mountains. This natural protection has a positive effect on the weather and softens the climate - in winter there are no crackling frosts, and in summer - the stifling heat. The time spent in the mountains - it's a better choise. Clean air, coniferous forests, active leisure, the right place in the mountains - and you will remember your summer vacation for a long time. We have everything to restore strength and heal the body.

Dragobrat in summer is a great place for walks in the mountains, picking berries, horseback riding. You can go on various excursions or swim in mountain lakes. Holidays in Dragobrat in the summer are attractive for the whole family - here everyone can choose classes for their own enjoyment. Children and teenagers will enjoy an active summer vacation, when adrenaline makes the heart beat faster, when the wind whistles in the ears, when you have to face the primordial element one on one. Older people will love the soothing atmosphere of peace and unity with the voices of nature - the rustle of the wind in the leaves and the chirping of birds, the quiet splash of mountain lakes. In the evening it is so nice to spend time at dinner all together at a big table.