Please read carefully the following terms and conditions for participation in freeride tours Dragobrat Ratrak Freeriding!


1. General conditions:
  • By participating in freeride tours, you confirm that you do not have any health restrictions or limitations on your health as regards skiing.
  • By taking part in freeride tours, you are aware that skiing is potentially injurious.
  • To participate in the freeride tour, you must provide us with your trustworthy contact information and a backup contact in case of unforeseen events.
  • To participate in the freeride tour, you need to pre-booking with a deposit. In case of cancellation of the tour in the period of 14 and more calendar days - deposit is returned in full. In case of cancellation of the tour in less than 14 calendar days, deposit can not be returned.
  • We have set limits on the number of participants in order to be safe and comfortable to ride. Minimum - 8 persons, maximal - 16 persons for one ratrak.
  • If the freeride tour does not take place under weather conditions, or because of our fault, the subscription returns in full. Also, in this case it is possible, but it is discussed separately, taking into account the amount of the subscription for a free-rider tour for accommodation in our hotel or for payment / subscription of a freeride tour for a different date.
  • Time of departure - 10.00. If the rider does not appear, wait 10 minutes, then leave. Subscription in this case is not subject to return.
  • To participate in the freeride tournament, you must have experience in extracurricular riding. By participating in freeride tours, you confirm that you have such experience.
  • Guides have the right to limit participation in the rider's tour program if their level of riding significantly deters the group. In this case, the rider pays the full cost of the tour.
  • Guides are required to limit participation in the rider's tour program if his actions endanger his health or health of the group members. In this case, the rider pays the full amount of the tour. In addition, the further participation of the rider in freeride tours of Dragobrat Ratrak Freeriding within the current season is not possible.
  • The restriction is carried out by transferring the rider to the upper station of the nearest lift of the Dragobrat GK. If the transfer is not possible, the rider continues the tour at the rider's seat.
    If, due to weather conditions or unforeseen situations, the freeride round will be interrupted, the tour price will be reduced according to the number of executed climbs (or the time of the forced simple group).
  • Avalanche equipment is obligatory.
  • The check of avalanche sensors is carried out by guides when boarding a ratrak or before the first descent.
  • The rest of the amount will need to be paid by cash to the guide at the end of the tour.
  • Participation of children in freeride tours is possible provided that there is an appropriate level of skiing accompanied by adults and under the responsibility of accompanying adults.
2. Newbies is possible under the following conditions:
  • Usually the first 1-2 rounds of the freeride tour take place on the simplest slopes in order to "warm up" and assess the guides the overall level of riding a group.
  • During the first descents guides check your level of skiing.
  • If further participation in the freeride tournament is a threat to your health or will significantly delay the group - participation in the tour is limited, the tour is paid in full.
3. Accident.
  • In the event of an accident (injury), we provide transportation of the victim to the medical unit of the Drahobrat GC.
  • The fee for a freeride tour is not allowed in this case.
  • The group continues to ride the available racers or waits for the return of the racecar transporting the victim.